Ken Denver’s 335i dynos 902 HP Stock 6AT Record

We’ve been keeping track of 700 HP and 800 HP dynojet pulls and a couple weeks ago we officially made a new one for the 900 HP club. Ken Denvers @kenjermen has graciously provide a dynochart and a slip displaying 902 HP at the wheel in SAE correction. To top it off, this was done on a factory 6AT transmission which had no known upgraded parts, just a refresh according an analysis when it was opened up. Currently this represents the highest dynograph for the E chassis 6AT (with or without upgrades) that I’m aware of. If you know of anything higher feel free to correct me in the comments.

Built shortblock with Pistons, Rods and Headstuds
Wagner evo 2 intercooler
Single turbo kit with Precision 6870 @ 38psi
Sharp Customs intake manifold with 1000cc injectors
Stage 3 LPFP and 100% e85
Tuned by All Access Tuning
Precision Raceworks coils

Damn 38 psi on a 6870 for only 900 whp. I think the N54 head is just not meant for big power
The head while bad stock is ok when ported. They just need work. Leaving the head unported going for this kind of power honestly makes little sense. The head is off to build the motor, and instead of addressing it you just put it back on stock? It flows so poorly stock, you are working everything else so hard to make the same power. There is a reason Tony made similar power with almost 10 psi less. Flow

So after a couple more pulls we tore down the transmission to check to see if it was happy or not. The guy who "upgraded" the transmission just did a rebuild turns out and the clutch packs where starting to go bad. So while its apart it will get nizpro shafts and propulsive clutches. I'll let you know how it goes. This car also has the xhp stage 3 flash
Custom baskets with nizpro.
propulsive clutches wont fit in the nizpro baskets
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  • July 1, 2019
who built the motor? do you know if it has 9mm or 11mm outer head studs?
According to the guys at Nizpro I met with, I am. Unless of course they lied to me.
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