Another E61 Project Wagon

I was presented with a deal I couldn’t pass up and added another wagon to the collection. This is my second E61 and 3rd wagon.

1st E61:
E39 Touring:

I have known of this wagon for a while, back when my E61 was stock I used this wagon as inspiration for the M5 front end conversion and as a reference when calculating my wheel offsets and fitment. Funny how it ended up in my possession. I am the 4th owner, California car all it’s life, from 60,000 to current 127,000 it was the daily driver for the owner of an automotive shop in Orange County. The wagon presents well, the body is very clean, and mechanically it’s solid. There are some small issues to address which will make it a very polished example.

06/2008 Build
Grey Interior
Comfort Seats
Grigio Telesto Paint + Gloss Black Roof
OEM M5 Front End Conversion
Vossen CV3 20x9F 20×10.5R Hankook V12s
Dinan Muffler
COBB Accessport

– Address all necessary repairs, maintenance, and preventative maintenance
– Refine fitment
– *********, FMIC, intake. Nothing crazy just letting the motor work more efficiently.
– If the wagon stays AT the I will retrofit a wheel with paddles and run the XHP trans tune.

– If I find a great deal on a manual 535xi donor car then I will execute a manual swap and hopefully a custom grey on black interior (similar to my white E61’s interior).

Should be a fun project, here are some pictures,

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  • May 21, 2019
Thanks for all the kind words guys, here is another update! Really happy with how it's coming together.

Here are a couple pics showing the interior.

Inspecting the rear glass release button which doesn't actuate, hopefully it's only the button and not the wiring harness, no other tailgate related issues.

1 dog 3 wagons

The E39 got it's Style 37s which means the Style 167s are ready to go on Das Grau

Style 167 + E60 M5 brakes = WIN

Straightened the window trim which was bent by a careless body shop during disassembly, not perfect but much better.

Personalized plates arrived.

Rear bump stops needed replacing

Cleaned up the rear struts too

Windshield cowl was in rough shape so I installed the lightly used cowl from my white E61 (the white one got a new cowl :)

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  • May 21, 2019
Pano roof had some issues, there was water ingress that warped one of the partitions and damaged the track, there were also some parts missing so instead of going down the deep rabbit hole of repairing the unit I simply replaced it. Thankfully I was able to find a local dismantler who had the cassette with the grey interior panels I needed.
Headliner and cassette removed.

New OEM weather stripping

Big difference

With the old stripping removed there was a nice amount of residual foam and adhesive to remove. Preferred technique: heat gun and a strong thumb.

All clean, you can see the OEM paint

Installing the new strippig was easy since the cassette was out but very tedious since if it wasn't installed just right you would be able to see the OEM paint at the seam which is a no-no, this made the install pretty challenging but the results are great.

Amateur hack: You can use the electric seats to hold and move the pano roof (headliner also) into position during install. This made the install reasonably easy considering I was doing it solo.



San Diego coming through with some timely rain for testing purposes! This thing operates as it should, no longer rattles from broken/missing pieces, and has hardly any wind noise!

Looking good

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  • June 17, 2019
We have entered the final stages of the build and with most of the mechanical maintenance and upgrades done it is time to tidy up some loose ends, to me this means fixing some of the visual eye sores which are out of place on the wagon. Previous owner had kids and dog and used the wagon as a daily driver (rightfully so!) but this meant there was extra wear on the rear seat and cargo area.

I went back to the dismantler who was parting out the E61 I got the panoramic roof cassette from and picked up a few more interior parts.

Original rear seat cushion

Replacement cushion

Much better.

Replaced some broken cargo floor hinges

Replaced child seat anchor covers

Replaced cargo hook covers

Saggy elastic strap replaced

Both thigh supports on the front seats were inoperable. The motors were working but the cushion was not responding to electronic adjustment. Turned out both plastic gears were shattered. Thankfully repair process was cheap and easy, $10 and 15 minutes per seat.

Needed to find a solution to get the gears ofer the metal lip at the end of the worm gear

My solution was to Dremel down the metal enough for the plastic to slide over and into position. I ended up taking off more material than shown in this photo but it worked like a charm.

10mm socket makes for a nice press base

Plenty of grease in the assembly to reuse and relube the gear

Yellowing plastic from UV is never cool so I applied some Plasti Dip to visually refresh and protect the plastic

The Style 167s had some very minor curb rash repaired. For the record these wheels fit in the back on an E70 X5 perfectly!

Refreshed wheels with full polish on the faces.

Up next is cleaning the undercarriage, then onto mild paint correction and interior/exterior detailing. :)
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  • July 1, 2019
Made it to the BMW CCA Clean car show in San Diego. Great event where you get to drive right onto the grass a Spanish Landing Park right on the edge of the harbor, couldn't ask for a better location. The wagon was well received and grabbed it's fair share of attention.

Will be going again next year but will be bringing board shorts so I can take a dip in the harbor between eating some grilled brats, chatting with people, and enjoying other's builds.

These are also the first pics showing the style 167s wheels with fully polished faces, I was a little worried they might look too much like chrome but am happy with how they turned out, clean!

Quick wash and clay bar.

Love the Grigio Telesto

Wagon providing a seat + shade. Hanging with my good friend, volleyball bad-ass, and fellow BMW enthusiast - Matt Anderson.

Polished faces popping

Girlfriend made it too and we were able to sneak in the X5D.

Hard to beat this venue