F80 M3 running Pure Stage 2+ Turbos pushing 852whp on E85/Meth

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share these awesome results we got yesterday on the dyno with our F80 M3 Shop car.
Car is running the following mods:
– Pure Stage 2+ Turbos
– HCP Custom flash via bootmod3 platform
– TPG rods/pistons package (Pauter rods/Wiseco pistons)
– Headgames Motorworks modified head and custom springs/studs
– Wagner IC upgrade and radiator package
– FI Interchiller for extra cooling
– VRSF Catless Downpipes
– Active Autowerke Midpipe
– SSP Spec-R Clutch upgrade
– Litespeed racing forged aluminum wheels
– Torqbyte meth standalone controller
– FTP Chargepipes
The dyno was done on E75 fuel mix and dual nozzle meth. It also has room for more (we have 4 bar tmap sensor on the way).
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852whp and 987wnm. And look at that power curve. It just keeps pulling till the very end.
Unfortunately it has been raining here for the last days and we did not get to drive it on the street yet to test 100-200 or 100-250. We will update the thread with these results next week when weather will be better!

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Nice! I'm a huge fan of your work! Been following since your first video with Ricky. All the best going forward
Thanks! More to come!
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  • May 13, 2019
Very nice numbers.

What's your impressions on the headgames built cylinder head? Any reason you didn't rev it out to 8,000? Peak power at 7,300 and it seemed to be still climbing.