CES Motorsports teases Production N54 Twin Scroll turbo kit

Today I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some teaser photos of the official production CES Motorsports N54 twin scroll turbo kit. After talking with John and hearing about what he has planned with this kit, it has exceeded my expectations and I was already high on it. @JohnCES is ready to begin the process of dropping the last details and I’m happy to get the ball rolling.

Here are some beauty shots of the manifold itself, which is CNC’d from billet steel and is therefore created with incredible accuracy and comparatively few welding joints:

And here is a shot of the recirculating downpipe(they can make dump tube):

And a couple of fit and finish photos of the piping and turbo:

Here is a dyno sheet comparison of a stock N54 with only an exhaust upgrade VS the CES Twin Scroll kit. At 3000 RPM a CES kit configured with a Gen 2 Garrett 35R is matching the power/torque of the OEM twins:

Currently the kit is designed for the Garrett GT35R DBB turbos with water and oil cooling. This means you’ve got the choice of four turbos: GT35R(650hp), GTX35R(750hp), Gen2 3582R(850hp) and Gen2 3584R(1000hp). If there is enough demand they will consider Precision Turbo fitments.

Intro pricing and pre-orders will begin very soon and there is still more news coming.

Bonus Pics:

Added a video of the coolant block adapter being machined
Guess it's about that time...

770whp/725wtq... [email protected] 3500rpm

CES Motorsport N54 single turbo kit

Garrett Gen2 GTX3582R Turbo/Steedspeed twinscroll turbo manifold/Stock n54 motor/E90 fuel/dual lpfp/EOS intake manifold w/PI

Out Gen2 kit will easily see 800+whp on built motors. Didn't want to push the stock motor too far . Pre-orders starting soon with info and pricing on

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