M18 Performance Cast Aluminum Valve Cover

As many of you know, the N54 has been saddled with a weak, plastic valve cover that is notorious for failing and causing various issues. The original cover was designed for stock boost levels (8psi?) and has shown that it can break multiple times in your vehicle’s lifetime. Considering this oem part costs over $400, replacing the valve cover a couple times doesn’t make much sense for something that should be reliable.

@m18performance has created a cast valve cover for the N54 which essentially solves this issue and it does so at a low cost. If you were looking for a price friendly aftermarket valve cover option that won’t crack over and over then look no further. Personally I will be getting one of these, it literally makes no sense to buy a stock one and risk it breaking again later. Although my VC has not cracked, I will be removing the cover to do some inspection and this is a perfect time to handle this issue once and for all.

The cover weighs 11lbs and comes in at $618.18, (get it?) and has a couple of options including a bracket for the R8 style coils ($50 – No more cutting required and no bracket needed for PR coils) and some 10AN Radium VTA/PCV options ($55/$50). Besides the cover, you’ll get a 16AN Oil cap and the required screws. The stock cover fits as well without the bolt holes.

It is currently open for pre-order right now, head on over to the M18 Performance website to place your order:


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What's the weight ?
11 lbs. A small run magnesium version is planned that should weigh ~7 lbs
That’s putting me off as well, then again i can always put the cover over the top.
Grinding it off shouldn't be an issue
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  • May 28, 2019

1. Yes you do need coil bracket for R8 Coils it will hold from shifting side to side. We made cuts on the bracket so you don't need to brake off the plastic peaces of the top r8 coils to fit.

2. Valve cover is strong enough to hold down the gasket but We do recommend blocking off intake ports for high boost. In long run valve cover gasket was not meant to hold tons of boost.

3. Valve Cover has 2 -10an ports for your own PCV/CATCH Can setup, or we offer PCV Valve from RADIUM its meant for HIGH BOOST. You can have it sitting in your valve cover and just run a hose to your intake manifold or you can install it on your catch can end and then route it back to intake manifold. If you want to vent to atmosphere we have RADIUM Barb fitting and a filter (NO Vacuum)

4. Yes valve cover OIL cap thread is for -16an
How about no logo or smaller logo?
What kind of options ?

Its plenty of options out there thats why we used standard -10an
I think this was just a general statement that more valve cover options the better, referring to the product as a whole.
Also, the low side orifice is sized to meter the vacuum by BMW and people have seen I’ll effects removing it and then still having a captive low side. So, I would also like to see a new thread to discuss this.
I've started a new thread for this and related subjects. Feel free to respond there to try and keep this one on the rails.
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  • May 29, 2019
I imagine it has to not have head ports - there is no internal PCV-related apparatus.

I am unclear on this as well. Does this mean the VC blocks the ports so they are not an issue, OR, are the ports now open directly into the VC?
I’ll shave the logo and have it powdercoated wrinkle black for you for $250. Lol
They will be offering wrinkle red and wrinkle black. With or without polished logo.

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Cool so, @m18performance any update on ETA for the rest of us?

I think the same timeframe applies. Somewhere around 5-6 weeks are left? I think it's a matter of waiting on the foundry to make another batch which I imagine takes a bit of time.